“You agree to use X-Plane only for non-commercial purposes. (For more information about professional licenses, see X-Plane.com/pro/.) You agree not to make copies of X-Plane. You agree not to distribute X-Plane`s artwork or any derivative thereof without permission from Laminar Research. But when you contact LR, they look at the usage data individually, and if their data doesn`t indicate that it`s happening more than what`s happening on two computers in the same household, they turn it back on. When I look at the typical web server log information (it`s not X-Plane at all), it usually takes no more than 60 seconds to determine how many users, computers, and locations are involved up to a city block accuracy, and compare that to billing information. You`ll need to run an instance of the game for each monitor you want to power, assuming it`s a view of the plane or off the plane. In one case of the game, you can drag the instructor`s view or a 2D panel on the second monitor to the side. However, you can`t have three views (left, front, and right) in 3D cockpit mode with one instance of the game. So it tries to check with the license server EVERY time you start XP.

It probably doesn`t depend on everything it sees on your local network or everything on your computer or that reports it. The only dependency on the network is probably that – if it does not reach the server, it will give you the advantage of doubt FOR A WHILE and will allow you to continue using XP without being able to verify your license. So, it`s a gift, a good thing, isn`t it? My xplane asks me to enter my key every few weeks. 10.5 This EULA constitutes the entire agreement between you and us with respect the the same and merges and supersedes all other prior agreements, orders, agreements and understandings. This EULA is governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia. 1.3 We may update the Software Product or ask you to update it, provided that the Software Product still conforms to the description we provided to you prior to the grant of the license. I think a lot of people don`t know that if they “buy” the software, they`re just buying a license to use it, they don`t own it and therefore can`t “resell” to someone else. www.x-plane.com/manuals/desktop/index.html#configuringamulti-monitorsimulator Yes, it has been disabled. Their support confirmed this.

This DRM is ridiculous. Why on earth they sell it`s a joke and no, I have better things to do than flip through 100 pages of Legalese so that sneaky comments about it aren`t appreciated either. Will probably order the DVD version if she doesn`t have it. I came across a thread in xplane 10 that says you can run it on multiple computers, but they can also talk about the DVD version. Yesterday my license was deactivated and it seems that it was because I installed XP11 on 2 different computers. One is a dedicated VR machine and the other I use to practice navigation and procedures when I don`t want to attach the headset. I only use it on ONE PC at a time, but apparently it`s still a problem and the license has been disabled. I have been doing it for about 3 months now without any problems until yesterday. I also don`t see the problem with that, as I do it with all my games on Steam or Origin or anything with those games without any problems, as they are still only used by me on one or the other of the machines at any given time.

Do these guys really expect us to limit the installation to a single PC as an operating system? I`ve never heard of such nonsense in my life, if that`s the case. FSX doesn`t need that, and neither does steam. I can run multiple copies of Steam on as many PCs as I want if the games are installed, and as long as I only run the game once on a single PC, it doesn`t matter. .