The temptation is to quickly pass through these definitions, provided they are standard concepts. However, it is important to read them carefully, as these terms can significantly change the meaning of certain parts of the agreement, depending on their early definition. Certain terms that may have a significant effect depending on the context, refer to “business activities” (a) [production] [sales] [establishment] [installation] [create] [distributed] [distributed] [product] [installed] [installed] [made] [- the business or its related companies or (b) carry out business activities, offered or made available by the purchaser, entity or any of its related companies during the [TIME] period that begins on the closing date. The seller wishes to sell the stock to the buyer, as described below, and the buyer agrees to acquire the stock from the seller under the following conditions. The way the seller receives the trust fund is often a bargaining point for the parties. Is it paid, for example, in a lump sum or in instalments over a period of months or years? Will regular payments be based on specific events or objectives? A lawyer can help negotiate the terms and develop the trust agreement.2 4.19. Employment agreements. The company has no obligation to quotas or other means: in the context of an employment contract, a collective agreement or other employment contract, an agreement with compensation or termination agreements, a deferred compensation agreement, a consulting contract or pension plan, a pension plan or pension plan, an option to participate in benefits. , a purchase plan or other employment contract or non-terminated agreement () group life insurance, health insurance, hospitalization plan or other staff benefit, including leave plans or programs and sick leave plans or programs. The company is not today and in recent years [NUMBER] no object or, to the knowledge of the seller, threatened with union elections, petitions or other organizational activities.

2.1. Purchase and sale. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, at the conclusion (as defined in Section 3.1), the seller will sell to the buyer, and the buyer will purchase from the seller all rights, titles and interest on and on the shares, free and free of all links. The number and type of stock sold (i.e. usual, preferably) IN der ERW-GUNG, [NAME OF COMPANY] is an organized enterprise and exists according to state laws – retains its head office in – and is in operation of 8.11. This agreement (the concept of which includes exhibitions and schedules as well as other certificates, documents and instruments provided below) constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and replaces all previous agreements, moans and agreements, written and oral, between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement. There are no other assurances or guarantees, agreements or agreements than those expressly provided for in this agreement. (a) (i) All tax returns that must be filed by the company, which have been filed correctly and in a timely manner and all these returns are accurate, accurate and complete on all essential aspects, (ii) none of these returns are now reviewed or reviewed by a public body, (iii) all taxes due or due by the company have been paid in a timely manner; (iv) there is no agreement, waiver or other regulation that provides for an extension of the time limit for the filing of such a declaration or the taxation or collection of such a tax, (v) are not due to criminal, interest or other charges with respect to the late filing of such a declaration or the late payment of such a tax. (vi) there is no pending right or, to the knowledge of the seller, threatened by a public authority in connection with such a tax, (vii) all withholding and payment requirements imposed on the company are fully met.