Veeam has three support programs: Premier, Production and Basic. In addition, there is an evaluation assistance program for 30 days after product downloads. Each program offers a guarantee of support via the web, email and phone and the ability to open requests via the web or phone. Support for customers with Community Edition/Free License/NFR licensed products is provided best-effort. More information can be found in Veeam`s customer service policy. If the personal data is provided by the End User, Veeam`s privacy policy applies to the address: customers who acquire an indeterminate license have the right to permanently use any version of the software that was indicated in the license file prior to the support opening date. One year of basic or production support and maintenance is included in each purchase of the indefinite license. To remain involved in product updates and support, customers must renew their annual maintenance contract. Read more about maintenance costs. Customer support level is always by default at the lowest agreed contractual level. For example, if a customer has granted 90% of its licenses for production support and 10% of its licenses to Basic Support, Veeam offers only basic support. The operation of the Socket License Support does not affect the functionality of the product, except for the restriction of installing product updates delivered after the support expiry date.

This document regulates the use of Microsoft software that may contain software, media, printed documents and electronic documentation (individually and collectively “products”) from RapidScale, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “customer”). The customer does not own the products and their use is subject to certain rights and restrictions that the customer must inform you of. Your right to use the products is subject to the terms of your agreement with the Customer, as well as your understanding, respect and consent to the following terms and conditions, which the Customer is not authorized to change, modify or change the terms and conditions. 9.0 Personal data. In the event that you make personal data available to Veeam as part of your purchase and use of the software or to obtain maintenance work, your personal data will be used, stored and processed in accordance with Veeam`s Privacy Policy, which can be found under You can update your preferences at any time by visiting the Veeam customer portal. Open Source. Zerto software uses free and open-source licensed programs as part of the licensing agreement below: For more information, please contact Veeam Renewals the form. Renci SSH (SSHdotnet): customers who must combine the socket and instance licenses acquired in a license key can do so on the customer portal ( Learn more about licensing key mergers.

6.0 Maintenance and Support (“Maintenance”) for the software are available in accordance with the licensing and support policy you will find under Maintenance, if included in the purchased software, starts from the date your order is processed and the license file generated.