What happens if this employee, after paying large sums for staff training, files his dismissal? The generic clauses in a training fee recovery contract certainly serve a purpose, but in most cases it is best to reach an agreement with the employee to the point where you commit to finding training. This agreement allows the employer to recover training costs and support paid in the event of the employee`s departure before the employer receives training on a slippery scale and provides for reimbursement through wage deductions. Let`s take a look at an example of training chords in action. If a company spent US$1,000 on training, but the employee resigned the day after the course ended, it would be fair and reasonable to ask the employee to repay the US$1,000 as part of a training agreement. When you run a small business, it`s essential to help your team grow and grow – but you also need to make sure that any investment you make in your team is protected. Here, a training contract can help. In this article, we show you exactly how to use a training contract and provide you with a model training agreement written free of charge. This agreement on the reimbursement of training costs is intended to be applied to situations in which training is long-term, including qualified training such as diplomas or diplomas. Yes, but training tramps are primarily intended to protect the employer in situations where he has invested a lot of money to send an employee on a course.

Recovering a few quinces after someone has been on a 1 day first aid recall is a bit petty, but it`s not unreasonable if you spent more than $1,000 for an employee`s professional qualification and now they are more skilled, the employee has increased his market value. If the training costs were paid in part by the apprenticeship tax and partly on the employer`s resources, a portion of the training costs can be recovered, but in practice this amount should be so insignificant that the cost of monitoring it is not justified. If you have any doubts about your organization`s training agreements, you can still speak to your lawyer or human resources advisor today. We are often asked to develop this type of agreement for employers and to determine whether they are applicable. As usual, the answer to the question of whether the agreement is applicable is that it depends on the circumstances and how the agreement was developed. The applicability of a training reimbursement agreement can really be questioned on two legal grounds: first, because it is a punitive clause and, second, because it limits trade.