You can. What for? Because foreign rights can be valuable. For some authors usurp in foreign sales, what the author does with the first sale in the United States. For other authors, foreign sales diversify and expand revenues with a minimum cost in advance. So pull up your socks. Sit down. And together, we will besiege this great and frightening subject. For self-published authors, check your self-published service agreement or POD provider to determine if you have assigned your foreign rights. If so, you must terminate the contract or renegotiate these rights before exploiting your foreign rights.

Setting up the right system can revolutionize the way you run your international law business and can be more efficient than hiring additional employees (for a fraction of the price), so it`s worth checking if you intend to do a lot of licensing. A list of systems can be found in section 4. Learn more about the events, people, and locations in your Wikipedia-based book. If there is an undeserved credit (the amount due of royalties has not exceeded the advance paid), it is nevertheless advisable to submit regular accounts so that you can track the sales and stocks of the licensee and ensure compliance with your agreement. Four agreements Four continental Companion Book agreements only “Beijing Double Spiral Culture & Exchange Company, Ltd.” Room 226, Lan`guangyunding, No. 180, Majiapu Road, Fentai District 100068 Beijing China A subsidiary right that allows the owner to translate works into other languages. An agreement on translation rights defines the language(s) into which the content can be translated. It`s easy to forget that other payments may be due when sending supporting documents or receiving a licensee`s finished issue, so you need to use a robust method to handle shared payments if they`re part of your agreement. You should monitor the accounting for the duration of the agreement, whether in the form of a license statement or an annual statement of revenue and inventory, so that you have an idea of the evolution of the licensee`s edition. This will give you valuable insight into your products, your licensee and their market and help you make a future decision.

Amazon Kindle Digital Publishing and Barnes & Nobles PubIt! Both programs include options for authors to distribute their books in international markets. These options do not automatically contain translated content. However, an author can hire a translator and then access the services.