In addition to the allocation of risk clauses, it is customary for transfer companies to require purchasers to support certain types and amounts of commercial insurance to ensure that, in the event of a loss, financial resources are available. Given that it is likely that the seller, the independent supplier or lessor does not have sufficient liquidity in Harvard`s supply chain, all independent vendors and contractors who sell goods to Harvard, are represented at Harvard or provide services on behalf of Harvard, or provide services on behalf of Harvard, should be required to maintain a minimum of commercial insurance covering the rights or losses arising from the provision of these goods and services. This obligation to maintain insurance also applies to any person and/or entity that indirectly provides goods and/or services to Harvard through these providers/contractors (. B, for example, “subcontractors”). [Note: Contractors that provide construction services and companies that provide building planning or engineering services for investment projects (as defined by Harvard Cape) should instead meet the minimum insurance amounts listed in Harvard`s standard construction and design contracts available on the Capital Projects (CAPS) website. The use of oral agreements and the provision of services under order agreements should be viewed with caution. You and your client can consult an oral agreement in a short form contract. An order can be made to return under a professional service contract that you negotiated with your customer in order to obtain the language of responsibility for the product and warranty that contains most orders. Continuous service agreements must be carefully detailed to allow for an adaptation of scope and royalties for changing circumstances and to prevent the risk from significantly exceeding the levy. Customer-generated forms: Customer-generated forms must be thoroughly reviewed to determine if they contain an acceptable definition of business and domain. The fundamental elements of a realistic collective agreement for professional services are: a standard of care; Equity in deleging tasks, powers and risks; A clearly defined level of performance and the language that is clear. Seminars and training focused on methods of reducing risks and recurring incidents. Our commitment to you begins before there is a claim.