The Confederation, not in particular, was criticized by lawyers contacted by the publication. Jeff Becker, entertainment and media lawyer at Swanson, Martin and Bell stated: “This agreement will allow artists to monetize the exploitation of their music on SoundCloud only if the artist agrees to waive all existing claims he or she may have against the company,” adding that “at best, it is unusual for a platform to open its commercial terms with a provision requiring the artist to publish them in full of all previous infringements and violations.” Unless otherwise stated in these Terms of Sale, all communications must be made in writing in accordance with these Terms and Conditions to be effective and are considered regular data or on the fifth business day in New York after the email to SoundCloud, or, if you, to your email. If you have agreed to these terms and conditions on behalf of a group, you are responsible for immediately sharing with all members of the Group any notifications or statements contained in these Provisions. If you are eligible to monetize SoundCloud Premier, you will be notified and invited to sign the Premier Agreement. You can then start monetizing your tracks. “claim”: any act, regulatory or other investigation of the state (for example. B by the Federal Trade Commission or an Attorney General; , etc.), legal actions, debts, taxes, funds, accounts, invoices, invoices, specialties, alliances, controversies, disputes between group members or between group members (or members of the group (or an executive or other members associated with a group), disputes between an entity and a person or group to which that entity is related, agreements, promises, deviations, offences, judgments, scopes, executions, claims and claims. As used in these Terms and Conditions, “Confidential Information” refers to all non-public information, non-public beta functions, statements, data, usage reports or any other material provided by one party to the other under these Terms and Conditions (excluding your content and other information intended for storage and display to end-users ofCloud Sound). With the exception of the prior written agreement of the public party, neither party may use or disclose confidential information, with the exception of the staff of that party and the independent contractors or consultants who are required by an agreement to restrict the use and disclosure of confidential information in accordance with this provision, in any event with the need to fulfill that party`s obligations or, in the case of SoundCloud, to exercise its rights under that agreement or its legal or written obligations to third parties. Notwithstanding the above, there is nothing in these terms and conditions that prohibits or limits the use or disclosure of information that it previously knew legally without any obligation of trust; (b) develops or does not have for it the use or access of the confidential information of the other party, c) which it has acquired from a third party: (d) which is not or will not be accessible to the public due to a violation of these terms and conditions of sale, or (e) in the context of legal proceedings, whether a prior written disclosure of such disclosure is forwarded to the non-public party, in order to give an undisclosed party an appropriate opportunity to request a protection decision (it is agreed if the undisclosed party is unable to obtain a protection decision or not, disclosure of such information may be made in such an uns accountable proceeding) which must be disclosed by law , by judicial decision or by other state injunctions, and only to the extent necessary to comply with this application of law, order or order.