Some of the ways in which our collective agreements support us: certain benefits enjoyed by MNU members are not covered by the collective agreement, but are provided by pension and benefit boards, which are submitted jointly: a collective agreement is a written and binding contract between the Union and the employer that sets the terms of employment. The Manitoba Nurses Union is constantly sought to improve working conditions, wages and benefits through the negotiation of new collective agreements. The employer covers the cost of covering an annual salary. You can choose to add up to 3 x salary as coverage, at your own expense. . Team managers/care resource coordinators are responsible for ensuring that these vacation planning procedures are implemented on time in their respective offices and that discharge is provided for all nurses covered by the MNU collective agreement under these procedures. Find your collective agreement and pay scales in the following areas. Example #1 – a nurse of 0.6 EFT with 4 weeks of leave… they then make only 3 – 7 days of requests.

The parties also agree that this lump sum payment will be made to the nurses concerned during a salary period that will follow the last day of the two-day period following the September 30 period of each year. Please note that some of the 2013-2017 collective agreements are still outstanding and may be amended. If you have any questions about the 2013-2017 collective agreement, please contact your labour manager. Contributions are compared in the same way between employers and workers. . Christine St. George was elected President of Worksite 97 and assumed this position on May 1, 2020 for a two-year term. Jennifer Baillie was re-elected Vice-President.

This would mean that a long-term RN, which would be encouraged, would not benefit from the 20-year stage. That was not the intention when the 20-year stage was negotiated. The Long Service Step came into effect on October 1, 2012. (N.B.: Section 2105 of the convention governs the calculation of years of service for this purpose.) . . As a member of the Seven Oaks Nurses Union, you have an important role to play in our local. Because we are only as strong as our weakest link, we ask you to be aware of this. WINNIPEG – Manitoba nurses have elected Darlene Jackson as President-elect of the Manitoba Nurses Union for a two-year term starting July 1, as announced today by President Sandi Mowat. Jackson was elected on the last day of the UNM General Assembly. .

The majority of nurses are eligible for group living benefits at Den Ceraus through HEBP, which covers up to four times their salary in the event of death. There is also accidental death and dismemberment cover. . . . “I want to congratulate Darlene on a successful campaign to become the next president of Manitoba Nurses. Darlene is a veteran force in our union, whose long experience as an activist has prepared her well for her new role,” said Mr. Mowat. I would also like to thank all the candidates who presented their names in the elections. Their campaigns, hard work and ongoing commitment to Manitoba nurses are essential to our success as a democratic organization. The purpose of the UNM leave planning guidelines is to ensure that all nurses employed by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and covered by the UNM collective agreement receive their annual leave fairly and consistently. .

2 Nurses, 5 Weeks off – 10 – 2 nurses for 6 weeks of leave – 12 Since the opening of Seven Oaks Hospital in 1981, Seven Oaks Nurses Union, Local 72, Registered Nurses, Nurses, Registered Nurse Practitioners and Registered Psychiatric Nurses. As the hospital has grown, it is the local. Right now, we have over 400 members; Full-time, part-time and casual. The managers, who are led by nurses, have different experiences, but they are also nurses on their hospital beds and, therefore, they bring a particular understanding of the subjects