Yes, with your carpet rental, you can rent the upholstered tool and staircase accessories for cleaning cushions, carpet stairs and other hard-to-reach places for an additional rental fee. Bissell Rental Cleaning formulas and pre-treated sprays are also available for purchase for use when renting a carpet cleaner. To rent tools and equipment from the Lowe`s stores they offer, you can start booking the items online. You must first create a Rental tool account. You must be at least 18 years old to rent equipment from Lowe`s and if you pick up the items at your local lowe`s store, you will need to bring an ID card and credit card. The company offers rental rates per hour, day, week or month. [2] You can find prices under each item you choose on Lowe`s. Remember that your rental agreement includes the price of the item, plus rental fees and all applicable taxes. Once you`ve been approved, you have 90 days to start renting your items. If you do not lye an article during this period, you will have to apply again in the future. “For all of our customers, the right tool is key to any project, but they may not always want to buy a new tool or device.

Lowe`s Tool Rental helps customers reduce the cost of owning, maintaining and storing the tools needed,” said Fred Stokes, senior vice president of sales and pro services at Lowe`s. “As a new home for professionals, offering to rent tools is just another way to make them work. Whether a professional`s tool fails at work, needs a repair, or wants to try something new, renting tools allows them to get back to the job site faster and save time and money. “Quick Answer: While most Lowe`s stores don`t currently offer tool rentals, the company is implementing a rental program for a large number of tools and equipment. this deployment will take place over several years. Currently, the only tools that can be rented at virtually every Lowe`s store are carpet cleaners. For more information on renting tools at Lowe`s as well as the company`s Lease to Own program, see below. If you need to keep your rented equipment beyond the end date originally indicated when booking, you can do so by contacting the Lowe`s Store to which you rented and requesting an extension. Company employees adjust the rental fee to account for the additional rental time.

[2] In the store where it is available – and more stores in the future – the tool rental program allows customers to rent the same tools offered for sale. Through rental, you get the equipment you need for your project without paying the full price of the items. Some of the types of tools available for rental include:[2] Would you like to clean further down in other areas of your home, in your car, or even on your deck, driveway, or driveway? BISSELL Rental also rents the Little Green® Pro Portable Deep Cleaner and the outdoor washing machine in some stores. All BISSELL Rental sites, with the exception of Keith`s Ace equipment, are expected to be reopened for rent on that date. If you are unable to rent at one of our sites, please email us at Not sure where you can rent from? BISSELL Rental Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine® and BISSELL Rental Little Green® Pro Portable Deep Cleaner are available at Selected: While most Lowe`s stores have not yet started their tool rental programs, many stores offer a lease to Own option and you can use it to purchase tools. This can be beneficial if you assume that you need the equipment for ongoing projects, but don`t want to pay the full price upfront. If your store offers rentals, you can get your tools picked up and returned to the side of the road by entering one of the designated locations in the Lowe`s parking lot and following the instructions. [2] Our goal is to help you restore your carpets to their natural beauty without having to spend a lot of time or money on them..