If you are separating and you are not married or if you are in partnership, you do not have to go through a formal legal process. But if you decide to sue your partner for part of the house you lived in or because you can`t agree on how to distribute the common property or property, you will have to pay legal and other costs. If you can`t afford them on your savings or income, you may need to look at other options. If the family home is to be sold as part of your financial management, your lawyer may charge you the legal bill for the proceeds of the sale. Before you think about making a claim against your ex-partner, you should know how you would pay for each legal advice. If you can`t afford it from your savings or income, you need to consider whether court proceedings are the best option. In some cases, the cost of measurements can be even higher than any financial benefit to you. If you have a legal representative, everything will be doubly treated in a fairly restrictive “back-and-forth” format. As a result, you pay twice as much for this service. You will give us background details of the agreement you have reached, and then those details will be forwarded to our lawyers who will write your order as indicated.

It`s best to get legal advice if you can, so talk to your next citizen council to see what your costs might be and your options to pay for them. Lynn Wilson McNally is a partner at the law firm and a member of the Family Law Practice Group. He is Board Certified Family Law Specialist and Certified Family Financial Settlement Mediator in the North Carolina Dispute Commission. It represents individuals in matters of separation, divorce, disintegration, child custody, subsistence, equitable distribution, domestic violence, parental rights, legitimization and other family law issues…. READ MORE If their credit criteria are met, they will release the funds directly to your lawyer to cover legal fees when they mature. In some cases, we offer our customers a flat fee or plan. This means that we will tell you the amount of your legal fees and the services you receive for such services. We will not charge you bills every hour.

The fee is set from the beginning. As a lawyer, a lawyer is a kind of lawyer, so it might be cheaper for you to go directly to a lawyer yourself if you think your separation will need specialized advice.