It is possible to be charged with legal action, to have their deposit withheld by the owner and to damage their credit. In addition, it can be difficult for a tenant to move into a new property after the lease. A lessor may choose to include an early termination clause in their lease in Ontario. A tenant may ask the landlord and tenants` council for an early termination decision on the tenancy agreement if the lessor has not complied with its statutory obligations. For example, if the owner: It will take some time before LTB hovers and hears your case. This date is probably longer than it should be and you will (probably) want to take action before the hearing date. I guess you have to move, move somewhere, or not want or not be able to pay your current rent. If you leave your application before the audition, it is quite important to win this application. That is why I first proposed to write to the owner asking for the removal of the conditional condition and perhaps even to draw attention to the section that made it illegal. If you are very clear with the owner and the owner refuses to remove the condition or simply ignores you, then your argument about the facts is stronger.

In my experience, the content of e-mails, text messages, is rarely as clear and as clear as we would like. I often have emails/texts posted by customers who say “here is proof” and when checking, these emails confirm “a type of” what the customer says they say. The reason for the confusion – usually – is that people read, send and receive emails in a context. External facts provide information on the importance of text or email in the recipient`s mind. This “meaning” is not necessarily the same meaning as a “foreigner” who reads the e-mail/text chain would understand. Given the above, is the owner`s condition for post-taken cheques really considered a condition of the assignment? Does the owner express a preference for a requirement? Would the landlord be able to say something like he received from you cheques that he thought the new tenant would also want to provide post-dated cheques, and that is all he meant by everything he wrote? Is your interpretation of the e-mail/text the only interpretation? This is an important question if you intend to take a step to end your rent – perhaps even withdraw?–and submit the A2 application until LTB terminates your lease. If the condition imposed by the owner is not absolutely clear or if there is no evidence confirming the importance of the condition, then you should write to the owner to clarify the illegality and seek a clear answer allowing the assignee to take over the rental contract without providing dated cheques. Good luck. Michael K. E. In Ontario, a landlord must find a new tenant to reduce losses after a break. One of the many other reasons that may violate a lease agreement is non-compliance with the terms of the lease.

In addition to advertising fees, you need to spend time showing your property to potential tenants and properly checking the ones you think are better tenants.