ACCIONA`s Highway 2 BC agreement contributes to ACCIONA`s growing investment in Canadian transportation companies, which are subject to local, regional and shared assessments to ensure compliance with maintenance specifications and contractual requirements. Has. Cities and municipalities manage either their own maintenance agencies or separate maintenance companies to maintain roads and highways within their urban or communal borders. Provincial highways that cross the city or city boundaries are not maintained by the province. A. “WADC>5,000” – average weekly daily traffic over 5,000 Class Class A – high traffic (more than 5,000 average daily traffic in winter) or commuter roads and some fast and motorway routes through mountain passes. For classification purposes, a highway is a multi-lane highway with fully controlled access. Class A includes highly developed commuter routes, which are extended to most vehicles that move daily to a center, and stop, where traffic is below the daily average of 2,500 traffic in winter. These include large-scale itineraries for ski hills and work-related trips; What phone number can I call on 24/7 to report serious road traffic compliance problems? Before considering the changes, it is important that readers understand the different classifications of the highway. For more information, read our blog: The ABCs of Winter Highway Classification and Maintenance. The maintenance contractor has changed in 11 of the new contracts.

In some cases, one contractor exchanged services with another. Here`s what the shuffle looks like at this point: Q. Where can I learn more about provincial highway maintenance contracts? Now that the dust has settled on most of the BC Highway maintenance contract renewal process (and of course has been swept away!), let`s check the new specifications and the maintenance companies that support them. The final contract extension – Service Area 20 (Robson) – will be announced in mid-2020. Department employees and our maintenance companies regularly search for problems. We also appreciate public reports because potholes can appear quickly, and the more eyes we have on the road, the sooner we can learn about potential problems. If you see a pothole during your travels, call our maintenance and make sure they are aware of it. There are 28 maintenance companies across the province, and you can find the one for your area here. Thank you for joining us here. We recommend that you share directly with the maintenance operator any concerns you see on BC highways so they can address these concerns. It also ensures that your request is tracked and recorded as part of an internal review.

If you have already contacted the contractor and have any doubts, please contact your local office staff at 250-787-3237. We hope this information is useful. Report a problem such as potholes, damage to highways or bridges, damage to signs, road markings, drainage problems, road debris or an animal carcass. And if you really want to go deep, feel free to read all the highway maintenance specifications here.