Hey, Micheal. Let`s hope you know the answer to my question. I looked everywhere. Can a Canadian father be the guarantor of his son in Ontario while the father lives all year round in the United States? Every insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Hello: Thanks for your comment, this is the kind of debate I was hoping for when launching this blog. I appreciate your correction, but I do not agree with what you are saying. There is an absolute right to refuse the granting of a tenancy agreement. This is reflected in sections 95(2) (b) and 95(3) (c). In any scenario dealing with a transfer application, the owner can always say “no” for some reason. This is because the refusal to authorize an assignment to someone triggers a right to the client to terminate the lease.

The section you quote (see 95.5) indicates what you specify, but it only applies in specific circumstances. P. 95 (5) is triggered when the tenant asks the landlord to transfer the lessor and the lessor says “yes” that you can give up (and no, I do not refuse a transfer). Since there is no “refusal” of the transfer request (usually or specifically), the tenant, if he wishes to withdraw from the tenancy agreement, must find an agent. If the tenant finds an agent, it is only then that the lessor cannot arbitrarily or reasonably refuse the authorization of the transfer of this potential transferee. The condition of this requirement is that the lessor meets the requirements of the duration of the rental. The landlord does not omit the tenant of the tenancy agreement nor does he want to accept the termination. So if the tenant wants to go out, he has to find an attorney. Only then can the landlord not become ridiculously picky or unreasonable in making it impossible to transfer the lease. If the landlord had the right to be arbitrary and unreasonable, the tenant would be stuck in the tenancy agreement without an option. Michael K. E.

Thielewww.ottawalawyers.com Hello Michael, My Daughter is a 3-year-old student in Peterborough, Ontario. She`s been in an apartment for two years, but is moving to a new place with 3 friends in early May.