Good: A person agrees to sign a company`s non-compete clause in exchange for a promise to be employed by that company and is then suspended. Bad: a person agrees to execute a company`s non-compete clause, but the company decides not to hire the person. The non-competition clause is not to be outdone. This requirement for a contract relates to the intent of each party. Often, friends and family members come to a loose agreement, but they never intend it to be legally binding, that is, they do not intend that one person can sue the other if someone does not do what they said. This type of agreement is not a valid contract in the absence of legal premeditation. 1. Offer: A party must clearly demonstrate that it intends to propose a particular agreement to another party. At its most fundamental level, a contract is a legally binding agreement entered into by two or more parties, which describes the obligations, rights and obligations of those parties. In New York, there are five essential requirements that must be met for a contract to be mandatory: GENERAL CONDITIONS (or CONDITIONS): General requirements (or conditions) are instructions regarding tender documents and contracts in general. If we consider the text “condition” with regard to legal conditions, time quotas and the general distribution of responsibilities by contractual agreement, while “requirement” concerns the rules of specification / requirements in the methods of quality control and the execution of the works. The rights and obligations of the parties concerned are also part of these conditions. These elements are usually found in section 1 of the general project specifications.