PandaTip: As a freelancer, you want to summarize your legal conditions. These conditions cover the essential aspects of a design contract. (m) The Designer has not entered into any agreements, arrangements or arrangements that may contradict the terms of this document. 10.4 This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the Parties concerning their subject matter. (b) unless the work is submitted in respect of a project that the client has chosen as a “private” project, outside of the DesignCrowd website in the designer`s design portfolio, in order to promote the designer`s design work. This contract is for the transfer of rights to works created and submitted using the DesignCrowd service. This agreement applies to you with respect to any project that uses the DesignCrowd service in your capacity as a “client” or “designer”. When a client selects or approves a work for their project, the client and the designer enter into a legally binding agreement with respect to that work, in accordance with the terms of this agreement. “Work”: drawings, works of art, photographs, texts, texts and other works submitted by a designer in connection with a project on the DesignCrowd website and selected as a “winning project” or approved by the client with respect to that project. .

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