The necessary notifications must be sent in a personal capacity or by registered letter. Tenants must use the postal address indicated in the “rental company message”. Owners must use the postal address of the rental premises. In your rental agreement, you will know when the interruption clause may apply. For example, your interruption clause could state that you can terminate your rental 6 months after the start if you cancel 1 month in advance. To terminate a periodic lease, the landlord and tenant must notify the other party in writing. You don`t have to terminate to say you`re leaving on the last day of your fixed term, unless your lease says you have to. In case of costs incurred by the landlord as a result of the tenant`s unlawful termination, the landlord may sue the tenant if the damage exceeds the tenant`s deposit. A landlord should only sue the former tenant after the property has been retrolocating.

While waiting for the property to be re-leased, the owner can accurately assess the loss. The lessor may sue the costs of finding a tenant, the period during which the building was empty, attorney`s fees if such a clause was included in the rental agreement and the difference between the rent paid by the new tenant and the amount of rent of the former tenant. It`s best not to leave your home without giving notice or getting your landlord`s approval to leave. Your rental agreement is not over and you still have to pay your rent until you finish your rental in the right way. You may have to pay other bills, such as municipal tax. The temporary rental agreement ends without notice on the date indicated in the rental agreement. Landlords and tenants can agree to continue after the expiry of the term. Contact your nearest citizen council if your rental agreement states that you must terminate the contract and you do not want to. Check your lease to see if you need to have the property professionally cleaned.

3. Monthly Termination of Rental Agreement – This would mean that the landlord or tenant has reigned their agreement and sees how the notice was written as written. If no notice was mentioned, the period would default to the state`s minimum period. Make sure your rental agreement talks about how you need to terminate. If he doesn`t say anything, resign by writing a letter to your landlord.