There are also out-of-court fees that are the fees your lawyer charges you in accordance with the fee agreement between you and your lawyer. They consist of extrajudicial fees and payments. Budget Billing is the DU`s levelized payment program that calculates your monthly bills based on usage for the past 12 months on average. You must be in the AU system for 12 consecutive months. Customers must have an up-to-date bank project to be eligible for the budget count. Download the form HERE and return to our customer service. During the summer months, from April to September, the portion of wastewater in your bill is capped based on your average consumption during the winter months. DU takes into account the fact that private guests water flowers and lawns, fill swimming pools, wash cars, etc. If you do not think that the services he provides are worth what he has charged you or if you are unable to reach an agreement with him, contact the Quebec Bar to call on the conciliation or conciliation service. You must request this service within 45 calendar days (non-working) after receiving the lawyer`s bill, otherwise you lose the right to demand requests for conciliation or conciliation. The Bursar office is responsible for collecting and billing tuition fees and administering federal loans.

To sign up for SmartHub, you`ll need your new account number and postcode for your July 2019 billing or more. To help you find this information, please contact customer service 256-552-1400 Opt. 4. One of our customer employees is happy to provide you with this information and/or help you set up your SmartHub account. Note: If you expect your balance to be paid through financial assistance, scholarship, waiver, scholarship or other premiums, you do not pay by credit/debit card for that balance. All credits resulting from the booking of the grants will be refunded on the credit/debit card in accordance with our dealer agreement. Out-of-court commissions are calculated in accordance with the above billing procedures.