(b) extensions, amendments, amendments or renewals of any of the agreements described (neither by law nor by other means) or any agreement to replace or succeed these agreements that require employer contributions to this fund. 27.06.2018: Provisional agreement with stratosphere 3. File a complaint – see the Recourse Procedures section in your contract, how to do it. Be sure to check the number of days you need to file, as complaints are time sensitive and must be filed personally with the union office. This document was negotiated by two parties: 1. Your union by a committee of your employees and representatives of the management and ownership of the company. 6/4/2018: Interim agreement between the Culinary Union`s International Collective Agreement and MGM Resorts means: (a) any written agreement between (i) the Nevada Seaside Resorts Association, on behalf of its employers and unions; and (ii) all other collective agreements between the unions (or subject to the agreement of the directors, the Professional Office of Personnel) and any employer that requires the employer insured by the employer`s insurance to contribute to this fund 2. It was then put to the vote of the members of our Union (ratified). In the case of a pension start that occurs before the member`s normal retirement date, this date does not apply to the additional limits after that date. In the event that the casino or hotel policy is contrary to the wording of the contract, the language of the contract wins.

If neither the treaty nor the manual address a particular problem, “past practice” dictates how to deal with the situation. . 09.07.2019: Workers ratify Stratosphere and Four Seasons Las Vegas contracts. Start of the pension benefit: in the case of a benefit to be paid as an annuity (excluding the disability pension), on the first day of the first month following the later date of: . The retirement date for a member who resumes benefits after a section XIII suspension is his initial reference date for the old-age pension for these benefits. For any non-benefit period that is not payable as a pension, the date of the benefit`s departure is the first day that all events entitling the worker to a benefit occurred, including the filing of a completed return. 14.06.2018: Caesars employees in Las Vegas vote in favor of approving a new contract 6/20/2018: MGM`s unionized employees in Las Vegas ratify the contract Your contract is a legally binding document that describes the majority of your rights and obligations during your employment. You will also receive a staff manual when you start working for the employer.

This document is a set of guidelines that complement the treaty, but when there is a conflict, collective agreements govern. Pension credit refers to the years of service accumulated and maintained for workers in accordance with Article VI of this plan. . 09.05.2018: Las Vegas Casino worekrs to hold a citywide vote strike. Culinary Union negotiates contracts for 50,000 Las Vegas Workers 2/16/2018: Contract negotiations udpate in January – Retirement Information Letter For a disability pension, the pension date is the first day of the month following the worker`s right to retire with a normal section 4.01 pension. What should I do if I feel that my rights have been violated? 1. Check the facts in your contract! Many of the answers you are looking for are described in detail in this document. For example: leave allowances, leave, health care, old age pension, discipline, claims procedure (an anti-disciplinary system), appointment planning, seniority, etc.

2. Talk to a steward or your lawyer (a) file a step one if your CBA has a step one.