From Northolt to Southall, through Park Royal and Acton, we offer regular collections and flexible collection spaces for your Ealing waste collection, seven days a week, to ensure that you are fully compliant with all local time strips. If the garbage cans are not for your business, we can offer you a collection of bags. This service is operated on a “pay as you go” basis. You just have to send with the following information by email and we will send you a bill: We must all do our part to keep Ealing beautiful, and the district is already leading. Last year, we learned that more than 50% of the city`s waste was recycled between June and August, and Business Waste is proud to help Ealing build on this record. Thanks to our know-how in streamlining waste management processes, we can dispose of your commercial waste efficiently and environmentally. Announced this morning (15 June), Councillor Mik Sabiers, a member of the cabinet of Ealing`s environmental and highways firm, commented on the new contract as announced this morning (15 June): “Ealing currently recycles more than 50% of household waste, which is one of the best records in London. I am proud of our accomplishments and I thank the people for their ongoing efforts to create an even more sustainable and environmentally friendly neighbourhood. From the hustle and bustle of Broadway to the magnificent flavours of Southall Market, Ealing is one of west London`s most popular suburbs. It is not surprising that the city has more than 300,000 inhabitants: with popular green spaces, without waste like Ealing Common, the natural environment in this area makes it an ideal place for families to live and work.

Whether they belong to high-frequency categories like dry mix recycling, general waste and food, or are unique pieces, such as old electronics, we have a wide range of more than 20 recycling services available and we expect to collect them. We are committed to keeping Ealing clean, clean and waste-free. Call us for a free offer and we`ll arrange an audit to help you improve waste management and disposal. All companies have a legal obligation to have waste produced on their premises removed by approved waste. The following waste is not collected as part of our commercial waste collection: If you wish to terminate your enterprise waste contract, you must inform us in writing. at least 30 days before the agreement expires. Please confirm in your email your business deposit account number, name, company name and address. Please indicate that you wish to terminate your contract and the date it expires. There are other business waste collection companies, but you need to make sure they are licensed for the collection of your waste. You will find useful information on the disposal of operating waste on the GOV.UK commercial waste pages The Ealing Council is a recognized licensed carrier. We can take responsibility for disposing of your waste from your hands, so let`s take care of your management of operating waste by collecting and throwing your waste in the right way. If you want us to dump your company`s waste, email or call 020 8825 5333 to discuss your waste needs.

When it comes to general waste collection, our specialist team will visit your company to conduct a thorough assessment and help you meet your environmental protection obligations. Once we have worked with you to develop a waste management plan, we will collect with the utmost care and efficiency. We can bypass your schedule and make sure we never interfere with the day-to-day running of your business. Ealing`s excellent service, like the proximity to North Circular Road, means we can easily reach you. Mik Sabiers, a member of the Ealing Council`s Board of Directors for Environment and Highways, said: “Ealing is currently recycling p