3. Data equipment/service. To use the services, you must receive and maintain at your own expense a supported mobile device (z.B. smartphone or other mobile device) with compatible hardware and software, as indicated from time to time by Citizens Bank, and an appropriate data service. We do not guarantee that your mobile device, camera, mobile operating system, mobile operator or data service are compatible with services. Citizens Bank is not responsible for or responsible for the third-party software you may need to use the services. This software is accepted “as you see” and is subject to the terms and conditions of the software contract that you enter into directly with the third party at the time of download and installation. They agree to compensate Citizens Bank and its related companies, as well as each of its directors, executives, employees, representatives and representatives (“compensations”) of and against all debts, damages, violations, rights, obligations, claims, fees, expenses, expenses, fees, costs, expenses or royalties (including reasonable fees and payments made by legal advisors and accountants) resulting from or related to compensation directly or indirectly arising from services (excluding losses and liabilities directly or indirectly resulting from or of our own gross negligence or fault). Like GICs, most clients of bank deposit contracts are retirement plans. Overall, investors indirectly purchase bank deposit contracts by participating in their 401 (k) or other workplace retirement plans, but some financial institutions offer bank deposit contracts to individual investors. In both cases, bank deposit projects are most often buyout and buyback assets without a secondary market. They generally make more than savings accounts and treasuries because the FDIC does not insures them and is not supported by the full faith and solvency of the U.S.

government. Instead, bank deposit contracts are guaranteed by the solvency of their banks and are still considered relatively safe (and therefore low-yielding). To be able to use these services, you must be designated as a signatory or owner of a citizen bank account eligible for these services and be registered with Citizens Bank`s online banking services.