If you use a related website or blog and would like to recommend the use of our model, you can use it with the following URL: www.vertex42.com/WordTemplates/letter-of-intent.html In the economy, a statement of intent is often used as the first proposal for the other party. These proposals may include purchases, acquisitions, contracts and mergers. Although a declaration of intent is not binding, it can help clarify the points of an agreement or provide protection in the event of a breach of an agreement. The agreement should explicitly specify whether it is binding or non-binding – don`t leave that to a court. Including the date it ends (and negotiations) and the state right it will govern. A Memorandum of Understanding may be a legally binding contract between the parties or a non-binding agreement between the parties. Access the “Letter Of Intent” template or form by checking available formats, which are labeled on buttons that display the preview or links in this section. This letter can be edited as a pdf file or word processor (Word or ODT). You can download all (and all) versions of these versions of the model at your own discretion. If you would like to indicate your intention to participate in a transaction (as a buyer or seller), continue directly down with “Step 2.” If you intend to find a job with this paper job, continue with “Step 16.” Other. This letter is subject to the material laws of the state [STATE] without taking into account the rules of conflict of laws. This letter, as well as the aforementioned NDA, constitutes the full understanding and agreement between the parties and their related companies with respect to its purpose and replaces all prior or simultaneous agreements, assurances, guarantees and agreements of these parties (orally or in writing). There was no agreement as explicitly, either by the parties, but by the parties or by them.

This letter can only be amended by a written agreement signed by the parties related to the amendment. The supporting documents are inadmissible to demonstrate, between these parties, a compliance with a clause or condition contrary to the terms of this letter or in addition to the conditions set out in this letter. This letter must be interpreted in according its proper meaning and not exclusively for or against one of the parties. The company will do its best to keep the company`s business organization and employees and other business relationships intact; Continue to carry out ordinary activities and keep their books, records and accounts in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards, in accordance with current practice; Will strive to maintain the company`s current financial position, including working capital; Do not go into debt or enter into agreements to acquire commercial lines or products; and cannot declare or proceed with dividends or share distributions. I wanted to confirm in writing my intention to accept the football scholarship offered to me by Awesome University.