2. Have you read the entire agreement, including all the exhibits and annexes? You must read the agreement before sending. This ensures that the agreement is for your purposes and/or indicates what the other entity has told you. When will the Office of General Counsel (OGC) have to review an affiliation agreement: when should an agreement be submitted that requires a review of the legal form? If your program is approved, we will send them our provincial partnership agreement. We don`t sign a school contract. If possible, send all agreements and appendices to Microsoft Word. Before sending the CMO verification agreement, make changes to the documents using runway modifications. If a website will not provide Microsoft Word versions of the agreement, convert what they provided into a Word document. 3.

Is this agreement your understanding of your program`s commitments and does it meet your needs? If not, contact the site to see if it will make any changes so that they match your understanding. If they refuse to make changes, note the change you requested and the reasons why they refuse. When an investment website makes substantial revisions or additions to a partnership agreement model approved by the existing CMO. Step 2: Fill in all spaces and make any necessary spelling and grammar changes. The OGC prefers to review the agreements in their final form. 4. Have you verified that the WMU name on the agreement says “Board of Trustees of Western Michigan University on behalf of [College/Department]”? Only the Board of Directors has signed a contract with external organizations on behalf of the university. Make sure the text is correct in the title, in the preamble (if any) and in the signature block.

The contractor should not be a department, a school or an individual. If not, we will send you the agreement to make the changes. 8. Is the agreement subject to Michigan laws? The language in question will be similar to: “This agreement and all claims arising from or relating to this agreement are governed by michigan state law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of this agreement.” The CMO and business services audit takes an average of two weeks after your submission. You must have obtained all the necessary authorizations before submitting the agreement to us. When reading the agreement, create a list of questions and comments for OGC and insert them into the “Comments” box at the end of the checklist for verification of the membership agreement. 11. Does the agreement allow students to conclude their program if the contract ends prematurely? This provision ensures that the commercial decisions of the parties do not compromise the academic experience of the students. A membership agreement established with a model approved by the OGC over the past 5 years (the agreement must contain a foot-of-page with the CMO approval date) as long as the placement site does not request revisions or additional content.

Step 1: Read the full agreement, including all referenced or related forms or documents. Submit/Start of the legal review procedure of the membership agreement: 10. Does the agreement require the student to have their own health insurance? It is important to know this information before signing, so that you are able to share it with students. Please note that the sooner you send us a review agreement before the prescribed deadlines, the better it is for us in the event of competing deadlines and other work considerations. If you have not received a substantial response within two weeks of the submission, contact our office to inquire about the status of your contract.